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LITE-ON Semiconductor


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Contact 蔣秋蘭 (Lan Chiang)
E-mail lanchiang@holystone.com.tw
Phone 886-2-26589555#367


LITE-ON Semiconductor

LSC is divided into two major business units, namely Semiconductor and Imaging . The semiconductor related products include Discrete and Analog IC products. Imaging related products including CiS products that are mainly applied on MFP and light sensor IC that are mainly applied on cellular phone, tablet PC.


Main application market: Cellular phone, tablet PC/NB, monitor, TV.


Product line:

1. Integrated Ambient Light / Proximity Sensor Module: Analog output ALS, Digital (I2C) output ALS, Digital (I2C) output PS, Digital (I2C) output ALS+PS

2. Integrated Ambient Light / Proximity Sensor with IR Light Source Module: Digital (I2C) output PS integrated with IR LED, Digital (I2C) output ALS+PS integrated with IR LED

3. Infrared LED: 850 nm Infrared LED