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Contact 曾珮瑜 (Amy Tseng)
E-mail amyjen@holystone.com.tw
Phone 886-2-26270383#280



For more than 17 years Delta has gained industry recognition by continuously offering innovative, quality brushless DC air cooling products. Our broad product range covers axial fans from 25mm-200mm, blowers from 30mm-250mm, cross-flow fans, and slim blowers. A combination of our distinctive patented blade design, innovative structure design, and "Sensflow" control not only greatly increases cooling performance but also reduces system noise with temperature sensor control when the fan is in low load operation. We also produce fans with hot-swap construction, fan trays and modules with strong pan and first-rate efficiency. 
Since 1981, Delta has produced high quality, dependable EMI filters for power supplies, monitors, instruments, networking and medical equipment and many other tools used throughout the world. Our present products cover IEC inlet filters with a maximum of 20A, chassis mounting filters with maximum of 60A and three-phase filters with maximum of 600A/520 VAC. Our mass produced three-phase filters are extensively used in AC motor drives and machine tool applications. We are also readying the designs and production of high frequency telecom & networking products.