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The Board of Directors Set Ex-Dividend Record Date 

1.Date of the resolution by the board of directors or shareholders' meeting or decision by the Company:2019/06/05

2.Type of ex-rights or ex-dividend:Ex-dividend

3.Type and monetary amount of dividend distribution: Cash dividend from earnings amounted to NT$1,421,917,011 equivalent to NT$9 per share.

4.Ex-rights (ex-dividend) trading date:2019/07/11

5.Last date before book closure:2019/07/12

6.Book closure starting date:2019/07/13

7.Book closure ending date:2019/07/17

8.Ex-rights (ex-dividend) record date:2019/07/17

9. Any other matters that need to be specified:None


Expected dividend issuance date will be on 2019/08/09. 

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