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Dividend Policy

For the Company’s mid-term and long-term operating growth and capital needs for investing activities, together with the goal of a healthy financial structure, the distribution of profits is proposed to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting by the Board. The appropriation of the Company’s net income may be distributed by ways of cash dividend and/or stock dividends taking into consideration the future capital demand and stock dilution. Stock dividends are to be within 0% to 50% of total dividends, while cash dividends are to be within 50% to 100% of total dividends.


Dividend e-Notification

In line with the sustainable development and environmental protection policies of the company, Dividend e-Notification is adopted for relevant dividend information.


Please refer to https://www.ctbcbank.com/twrbo/zh_tw/onlinecounter_index/digital_service/digital_service_enotice.html for further application details.