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Work and Life

Holy Stone believes that maintaining positive employee relations and comprehensive employee benefits package not only enhance employee rapport and loyalty, but also bring out corporate commitment. Therefore, the Company is committed to creating a sound environment with equal opportunity workplace, diverse career development, and close bonding between employees and corporation.


Holy Stone named itself after the foundation blessed by above, and we call ourselves Holy Stone family. Holy Stone family develops friendship together, inspire one another, and learn and share experiences all together.



Healthy Holy Stone Family

The Company provides health insurance, regular health checkup, and so on.


  • Health Checkup
  • Lectures
  • Clubs


Versatile Holy Stone Family

Holy Stone Welfare Committee offers cash vouchers for different kinds of occasions, such as wedding, funeral, maternity, hospitalization, Chinese New Year, and birthday. Team offsites, rummage sale, movie appreciation, ball games, year-end party are also provided to achieve work-life balance.


  • Parent-Child Activities
  • Team Offsites
  • Movie Appreciation
  • CNY Calligraphy
  • Rummage Sale
  • Year-End Party

Aggressive Holy Stone Family

The Company aggressively develops an environment that helps employees grow on a continual basis, aiming to improve overall competitiveness.


  • Gathering for New Hires
  • On-Job Training
  • Keynote Speech

Warm-Hearted Holy Stone Family

Holy Stone Foundation was founded in 2001 by Holy Stone's Board of Directors, aiming to aggregate and spread love to the society. Holy Stone Foundation provides scholarship to students and sponsorship to NPOs. Employees also volunteer to make a difference, bringing themselves different experiences and broadening horizons.


  • Mountain Cleanup
  • Art Exhibit
  • Beach Cleanup
  • Volunteering Activities 
  • Charity Giveaways
  • Academic Support Activites

Worry-Free Holy Stone Family

In order for employees to work wholeheartedly without dealing with uncertainties, the Company established retirement system and provides group insurance.