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Customer Service


Holy Stone's customers are spread out across the continents, from Asia to Europe and America. Our components can be found in all kinds of end-products such as computer, communication, consumer, industrial and automotives electronics. Even though the products are used in all kinds of applications, customers' requirement for quality is similar. The Company follows a strict quality assurance policy—continuous improvement and progression through Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA). We are customer-oriented and we always put ourselves in our customers' shoes. Together with our professionalism, Holy Stone provides a full range of customer services.


Quality Improvement

Holy Stone does not compromise for quality that only meets customers' expectation. In fact, we strive for continuous improvement in order to achieve zero defects. In our production plant, therefore, we develop a Shop Floor Control System (SFC/MES) in which the quality of each production batch from input to output is fully recorded. It can also integrate procedures such as product development, manufacture, sales, and services, creating a management system that instills timeliness and feasibility in continuous quality improvement.


Technological Exchanges

To cope with the various applications of our products, we delve into different features of each application according to customers' product field, provide instructions and updates on product applications whenever necessary, breakthrough barriers, and invest in relevant technologies to meet customers' latest demands. In addition, the Company also provides product analysis and makes suggestions upon customers' request to give quality services and foster a closer relationship with customers with our accountability, fairness, and reliability.


Customer Relations Improvement


Customer Satisfaction Survey


Customer satisfaction survey plays a crucial part in the interaction between Holy Stone and the customers. Customer satisfaction towards product quality, sales procedure and relevant services are collected and recorded. Information on each criterion gives us an objective reflection on how a customer perceives us and how we should increase the Company's competitiveness and establish a better corporate image.

Every year, we ask our customers to rate us on five major areas as honestly as possible. These areas include: Service Quality, Product Quality, Outgoing Quality, Technology Ability, and Overall Impression. These surveys are separated into two aspects, manufactured product lines and distribution product lines. Once data is collected and analyzed, we can learn about our performances in the past year, whether we have improved, and which areas we should focus on improving. These data will form the basis for our yearly performance goals. This process has been ongoing since 2003; since the Company strives to create more opportunities for improvement and collect more improvement suggestions, the survey has been substantially adjusted since its initiation. Please refer to our CSR Report for more information.


Listening to Customer Needs


For Holy Stone, understanding customers' needs and settling complaints are two important aspects of good customer satisfaction. To continuously improve product quality and increase customers' trust towards our products, customer complaints from each department are processed and forwarded immediately. And within 24 hours, we will get in touch with the customer. For manufactured products, we will prepare relevant application specifications and information to the customers and systematically report the case to our quality assurance unit. With our procedures of failure analysis, corrective measures, long-term plans, results or recommendations, etc., a complete analysis report will be provided to our customers within seven days. For distributed products, we will work with the original branded manufacturers to conduct the same procedures as mentioned above. The corresponding sales team will then follow up with the customers on the subsequent uses of the product. Through this method, customers, sales team, and quality assurance unit are linked together to achieve better quality service. Customers' messages and responses are forwarded to all responsible departments to continuously raise the Company's technological abilities and service quality.



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