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Holy Stone hopes to share the responsibility of implementing CSR with the suppliers. In terms of decisions and management, we ask our suppliers to comply with Holy Stone's standards and apply ISO9001 management system into their corporation. Over 70% suppliers have obtained ISO9001 certificate, and all suppliers have signed declaration guarantees on environmentally protection and restrictions on related substances; in addition, Holy stone pays close attention to labor rights and interests as well as conflict minerals by ensuring ourselves and all the suppliers to be in full compliance with the Responsible Business Alliance(RBA, formerly known as Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition, EICC) standards.


Environmental Substances Guarantees

To maintain strict control on raw materials, before purchasing a new material, suppliers are asked to enter the green approval process with our IQC unit (Test Results Confirmation). The process will ensure the suppliers understand the Company's requirements on environmental substances and make sure the materials supplied are in line with these requirements.

Suppliers must commit and guarantee its materials meet the "Restricted Environmental Hazardous Substances Operating Procedures", and provide the following information:


1. Raw materials require a third-party inspection report for environmental prohibited hazardous substances

2. Material safety data sheet (SDS) on related chemical substances

3. Guarantee declaration on environmental protection related substances


IHHEC Restricted Hazardous Substances Process Management System




Machines we use to do meticulous detection and management on hazardous substances

Machines we use to do meticulous detection and management on hazardous substances



▲Machines we use to do meticulous detection and management on hazardous substances


Establishment Of Chemical Laboratories


To comply with the European Union's requirements (RoHS) and other related hazardous substances control restrictions, the Company has established a chemical laboratory in December, 2004 to screen and inspect purchased raw materials and manufactured goods. This is to ensure all materials and manufactured products do not contain hazardous substances.


Holy Stone Distribution Lines and Suppliers

On top of manufacturing MLCC and ceramic substrate, Holy Stone also serves as a components distributor, carrying MCUs, application/ logic/ analog IC and other components, and acting as a bridge between principals and downstream processing plants and system manufacturers. Holy Stone mostly carries products from international brands. These products are not only made in compliance with ISO but RoHS standards. Some of our suppliers have issued CSR report or Sustainability report.


Green environment has become a major concern in our society. The Company also distributes green products and related solutions to assist the original suppliers in expanding their market presence and becoming a part of the green supply chain. Furthermore, "Green environmental protection" and "Corporate Social Responsibility" are two main criterions in selecting future distribution lines.


Since our distribution products cover various applications, our professional knowledge combined with integration abilities are the keys to long-term partnerships with our suppliers. To bring up our sales team's professional capabilities, sales representatives participate in suppliers' seminars and workshops from time to time. And through internal training programs and regular seminars for customers, the sales team will pass on their knowledge to relevant personnel.