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Employee Rights and Wellness

i. Forced and child labor are prohibited. Workers are free to leave upon reasonable notice. Workers under the age of 18 shall not perform hazardous work, and the Company conforms to the local restriction of evening shifts.


ii. Holy Stone adopts the Equal Employment Opportunity Rules; any employee or applicant shall not be discriminated against on the basis of sex, age, race, religion, color, nationality, mental/physical disorder or other factors. The workforce shall be free of harassment and unlawful discrimination.


iii. Compensation paid to workers shall comply with all applicable wage laws and local practices to ensure human rights and employee benefits. This includes those related to minimum wage, overtime hour, etc.


iv. Holy Stone always put safety first when designing factories or buildings. In addition to comfortable and safe working environment, employee health checkup and fire and emergency drills are conducted regularly. Holy Stone not only reminds employees to take care of their own health, but also teaches them to protect themselves upon hazardous situations. In compliance with the Labor Safety and Health Law, Holy Stone has technician manager of labor health and safety who is responsible for conducting work environment safety examinations and raising awareness of employees’ safety. Industrial safety is always a priority in Holy Stone internal audit for employee management; therefore, every employee and management team set self-expectations for “Zero Accidents.”


v. To encourage employees focus on working with no worries behind, both retirement applications and giving standard comply with the Labor Standards Act and Labor Pension Act, also follow the policies of declaration on withholding pension to Bank of Taiwan or pension account owned by each employee.


vi. The achievements of corporate goals rely on each employee’s effort. Under such circumstances, employees and management are able to perform their specialty. Consequently, the relationship between employees and management plays an important role for the Company. As of today, there is no dispute between employees and the management.