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Audit Team

Internal Audit Team covers subsidiaries into internal control self-assessment. The manager is assigned by the Board of Directors while the quality and numbers of members are in conformity with terms and rules set by relative authority, compliance with these policies will be regularly checked and reported to the Board.


Duties and Responsibilities:

1. To create and review the internal control system.

2. To amend and audit the internal control system.

3. To evaluate, plan for and audit oversea subsidiaries' system.


Internal audits are launched based on the annual internal auditing plan. Reports are given to the board of directors regarding the findings of shortage in the internal control system and the evaluation the efficiency of the operation. Departments are required to monitor if employees follow to laws and articles of the Company when handling business related issues, and if necessary, review immediately and formulate improvement measures. Audit teams Furthermore, the audit team reviews internal control self-evaluation report annually; findings and the abnormal matter improvement measure report and the internal accounting control proposal provided by the accountant, are provided to the board f directors and general manager as the basis to evaluate the efficiency of the internal control system, and to issue the Statement of Internal Control System.


Holy Stone’s Audit Team comprises 1 manager and 1 members.



Communications among Manager of the Audit Team, Independent Directors and Accountants:


1.Communication with the independent directors (in 2021, the company has set up Audit Committee in replacement of the responsibility of the supervisors) and anncountants: please refer to the "Board of Director" section of this website

2.Comminication with the audit committee: please refer to the "Audit Committee" section of this website