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Audit Team

Internal Audit Team covers subsidiaries into internal control self-assessment. The manager is assigned by the Board of Directors while the quality and numbers of members are in conformity with terms and rules set by relative authority, compliance with these policies will be regularly checked and reported to the Board.


Duties and Responsibilities:

I. To create and review the internal control system.

II. To amend and audit the internal control system.

III. To evaluate, plan for and audit oversea subsidiaries' system.

The Audit Team is responsible for reexaminations of errors of internal control system and evaluation on operational efficiency and effect. Whenever a deficiency is found, the Auditing Team shall identify the reasons and correct them immediately. The Audit Team requests each and every department understand whether employees operate in conformity with the law.


Holy Stone’s Audit Team comprises 1 manager and 2 members.


Supervisors and Independent Directors attend Directors’ Meeting on a periodic basis. The manager of the Audit Team attended every meeting in person and reported audit execution status, major matters and revision of internal control mechanism. Supervisors and Independent Directors also receive audit report every month.