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Remuneration Committee

The Company has set up the Remuneration committee. Members of the remuneration committee should not be less than three people, and more than half of the members should be independent directors. The remuneration committee is composed of three independent directors, meetings are set to be at least twice every year, and or whenever necessary.


The purpose of the Remuneration Committee is to assist the BODs in evaluating and approving the remuneration levels of the Company’s Directors and Managers. By performing the following functions and powers, the committee submits suggestions to the BODs for discussion, so as to combine remuneration with individual and Company operational performance to achieve the rationality and attractiveness of remunerations to retain outstanding candidates and employees. The functions and powers of the Committee are as follows:


A. Regularly review and amend the Committee’s regulation, please refer to the Company’s website for further details;

B. Formulate and review the annual and long-term performance, remuneration policies for Directors and Managers;

C. Evaluate the goal achievement performance of Directors and Managers and sets remuneration accordingly.

Members of the Remuneration Committee:
Chairman Ken-Yi Cheng

(Independent Director)

Member Nai-Hua Wu

(Independent Director)

Member Chu-Yang Chien

(Independent Director)

Note :Please refer to the Company’s website for further details on the Independent Directors.

Operation of the Remuneration Committee:(Please select from year):


Performance Evaluation for the Remuneration Committee: for further information regarding performance for the Remuneration Committee, please refer to the "Board of Directors" section of this website.