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Remuneration Committee

Holy Stone has set up the Remuneration Committee since 14 December, 2011. The purpose is to strengthen cooperate governance and function of the Board, helping the Board to evaluate the level of remuneration of directors, supervisors and managers, along with company operational performance, to ensure the remuneration is rational and able to retain good employees. The committee has 3 members, including 2 independent directors and 1 external party. Its main responsibility is to submit the concerns below for the Board discussion:

a. review and amend the Committee’s Regulation regularly;

b. formulate and review the annual and long-term performance, remuneration policies of Directors, Supervisors and Managers;

c. evaluate the target goal achievement of Directors, Supervisors and Managers and lay down remuneration individually.

President Ken-Yi Cheng (Independent Director)
Member Nai-Hua Wu (Independent Director)
Member Chu-Yang Chien

Annual remuneration committee meeting proposals, resolutions and disposition of remuneration committee opinions over the years: