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Audit Committee

The company has set up the Audit Committee. In accordance to laws and regulations, the Audit Committee is composed of the Independent Directors; meetings are set to be at least once every quarter, and or whenever necessary.


Annual work focuses for the Audit Committee includes: overseeing the presentation of the Company’s financial statements, selection (removal) and independence as well as performance of the accountant, the effectiveness of the implementation of the internal control system, compliance of relevant laws and regulations and management of the existing as well as possible risks to the Company.


Monthly, Internal audit department delivers the internal audit report to the independent directors for inspection, moreover, audit managers reports to the Audit Committee as well as the Board’s Meetings for any significant discover in internal control management.


Independent Directors should communicate with Audit manager at least once every quarter in regards to significant discovers in internal control management; and at least communicate with the accountant twice every year about the check or review on the governance items on the Company’s consolidated financial report (annual including parent company only financial statement).

Members of the Audit Committee:


Ken-Yi Cheng

(Independent Director)


Nai-Hua Wu

(Independent Director)


Chu-Yang Chien

(Independent Director)


Note :Please refer to the Company’s website for further details on the Independent Directors.

Operation of the Audit Committee:(Please select from year)