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Intellectual Property Management Plan and Implementation

Holy Stone Enterprise Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the company) is one of the few diversified companies in the supply chain of electronic components that covers both active and passive channels and owns manufacturing plants. Annual goals including intellectual property management plans are actively implemented. The intellectual property management plan pursues the development of product technology and the maintenance of the company’s house brand, so the scope of business results covers both patent and trademark rights.


Managing from the establishment of policy objectives, management systems, dedicated personnel and continuous maintenance and operations, the company’s intellectual property management achievements mainly focus on motivating all employees of the company to increase the energy of intellectual property through intellectual property management methods and incentive measures. In addition to reviewing the changes in the number of patent rights and trade mark rights in the current year, from 2022 onwards, results and information of the company’s various intellectual property management are regularly reported to the board of directors, and to the public through the company’s corporate sustainability report.


Information regarding intellectual properties are as follow:

1. Patent Right:

Patent rights are the concrete proof of the company’s research and development achievements; it symbolizes that the research and development capabilities of the company are meeting customer’s requirements, other than representing market competition potential of the company’s product, it is also related to the company’s technological competitiveness. In addition, the company has full-time personnel for intellectual property rights who is mainly responsible for the procedures such as the application of research and development results, and at the same time track various patent examination and maintenance materials. Before the R&D results are submitted for application, all forms and materials are controlled as confidential documents, and any relevant personnel involved in the transformation of R&D results are prohibited from leaking the information.


2. Trademark Right:

The house brand capacitor is one of the most important intellectual property for the company. Operating house brand is like managing the company’s corporate image in the supply chain of the electronics industry, which is ultimately, and extension of the house brand products in the market. The company attaches great importance to the sustainable development and appointments full-time personnel to be responsible for brand management maintenance matters.


3. Information regarding Intellectual Property Rights are reported to the Board of Directors in Board of Directors’ Meeting on 2022.12.28. The number of newly approved patent rights totaled 4, and the number of newly registered trademark rights totaled 7 for the currently year.