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Human Rights Policy

Holy Stone follows all Labor Law in each operating area, at the same time recognize and support the spirit of Human Rights Protection and the basic rules in International Bill of Human Rights; Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations Global Compact and International Labour Convention…etc. We have included the integration of RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) in our business strategy, to put respect and protection of human rights into action.

2019 International Labour Organization (No. 190)-Realize the right of everyone to a world of work free from violence and harassment (Article.4), 1958 International Labour Organization (No.111)-Non-discrimination in employment and occupation (Article.1), 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child (No.32) Guidelines by United Nations, formulate our own Occupational Safety Policy, Labor Policy, Child Labor Prohibition Policy, Provision of Safe and Healthy Workplace, ensure equal opportunities, secure human rights in workplace, and to promote work-life balance.



Human Rights Matters and Management

Provision of Safe and Healthy Workplace

1.Holy Stone follows the regulations in Occupational Safety and Health Act, company has assigned staffs for occupational safety and health, also set up emergency respond group based on each occupational function, strengthen safety and protection in workplace.

2.Holy Stone formulates “Prevention of Unlawful Infringements during Execution Duty” and “Prohibition of Sexual Harassment at Workplace”, proposed a written statement of “Prohibition of Unlawful Infringements at Workplace” and “Anti-Sexual Harassment” Statement, our internal complaints committee has established grievance system and other preventions, to protect employees from physical violence, moral harassment, verbal abuse and sexual harassment while executing duty.

3.Holy Stone provide channels for communicating, such us setting up email for complaints, and to communicate with employees through labor conference, department meetings and emailing (electronic mails and other internal communication system). We encourage our employees to communicate directly with management level; employees can have open conversation without concerning the situation of discrimination, revenge, threats and harassment.


Ensure Equal Opportunities

1.Equal Employment Opportunity is revealed when doing interviews with applicants. All applicants will not be discriminate by their race, class, use of language, thoughts, religion, partisan, hometown, birthplace, gender, sexual orientation, age, marriage, looks, facial features, constellation, blood type, group background, identification of veteran, and protected genetic information.

2.Holy Stone hires disabled workers, all of them are not discriminated or treated unfair due to disabilities.


Secure Human Rights at Workplace

1.Holy Stone will not accept applicants under the age of 16. We advocate that all child labor are prohibited while during interviews, we also do inspections when they got hired, to eradicate any chance of hiring child labor with fake identifications.

2.The company will not force any employees from unwilling labor practices, nor detain identifications of employees/applicants or ask them to pay any kinds of recruitment fee. We respect that employees work voluntary. With reasonable prior notice, employees can decide to end the employers-employee relations by their own.


Promote Work-Life Balance

1. Holy Stone provides annual health check, subsidies for birthdays, marriages, maternity, hospitalization, company retreats, club events and other employee benefits. Also hold workshops, movie sharing, recreational events, leisure activities…etc. We cooperate with Social Welfare Foundation to hold art exhibitions, promote Corporate Volunteer Day to bring everyone together, help our employees to keep their mental and physical healthiness and reach work-life balance.

2. To ensure employee’s childcare quality and safety, Holy Stone has corporate with legal child care center, providing special deals for our employees to lessen their burden.