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CSR Charter and Policies

Dedicated personnel in General Manager Office and respective departments are designated to hold concurrent post to execute strategies of CSR and ethical management, review result, and report to the board on a periodic basis.


CSR Philosophy

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are what Holy Stone strives for. These goals are also forces that raise our society.

Holy Stone Enterprise values information transparency and focuses on corporate governance. We established a remuneration committee under our Board. Its goal is to assist the Board on governing remunerations, assessing and supervising the director and manager remunerations to ensure its fairness and rationality.

The flood of disasters made the world reflect on how we are using energy. Do we cherish what we have or do we exploit it? Can we protect the earth from further harm? Looking back at 2011, our manufacturing department continuously implemented environmentally-friendly practices. Not only did the amount of water reuse increased and waste water discharge decreased, electricity usage was also lowered, which equals to a decreased emission of CO2. At the same time, exhaust gas treatment equipment, regenerative catalytic oxidizer (RCO), has also started operating. This will further lower the impact of exhausts on air quality.

The Company pays great attention to employee welfare, health and safety. Through complete management on health and operating environment, the frequency of injuries and its severities have greatly improved year after yeat. We hope to achieve zero injuries in the near future.

Since the establishment of Holy Stone Foundation, our colleagues have turned love into practical actions caring for the earth (the wetland ecosystem volunteers) and the society (nursing home volunteers). We believe that, through giving, we can experience a greater appreciation and we can also better protect the environment and minorities.

With the development and growth of Holy Stone Group, we come to realize that only through implementing corporate social responsibility, can we create a better future for the community.

Commitment to CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of Holy Stone Group's operational strategies. Fulfilling our corporate social responsibility and realizing sustainability is our ultimate goal. Every individual in Holy Stone is embodied with the expectation and mission to become "Corporate Citizens, " striving towards the ultimate goal of shaping and sustaining an ideal enterprise:

A. Adhering to governmental laws and statues and setting higher standards of code of conduct:

1. Honesty and Integrity: Promote unbiased introspection, steer away from violations of law, and not to seek illegal benefits;

2. Information Transparency: Declare corporate activities, corporate governance, organizational structure and financial condition with transparency and accuracy;

3. Intellectual Property Rights: Comply with intellectual property agreements with partners, protect intellectual properties, and not arbitrarily disclose to others;

4. Fair Business Practices: Promote fair competition, treat customers with respect and equality, comply with contract agreements with customers;

5. Complainant Anonymity: Complainants' identity is kept strictly confidential in order to protect the complainants' rights.

B. Practice strong corporate governance, actively build corporate value and protect the rights and interests of our investors;

C. Follow relevant laws, regulations and ISO 14001 requirements, engage in environmentally-friendly practices and create a green corporation:

1. Green Product: Develop eco-friendly products to minimize impacts on the environment;

2. Green Production: Continuously improve manufacturing process to reduce waste emissions;

3. Green Education: Promote environmental education to improve the quality of living.

D. All operation units regardless of geographic area must be in compliance with key international human rights standards and applicable laws ("Labor Law") in the employment of staff:

1. No Discrimination: No employees will be discriminated based on the difference in sex, religion, race, or nationality;

2. No Forced Labor: No employees will be forced, in any form, to carry out labor activity;

3. Equal Employment: No employees or candidates will be discriminated against any employment opportunity or harassed in any way;

4. Humane Treatment: Respect employees; invest in employee development to help them realize their leadership potentials.

5. Freedom of Association: Respect employees' rights to freedom of association and negotiations;

6. Salary and Hours: Employees working hour is in compliance with regulations. Laws on minimum salary, paid vacations, and statutory benefits are also adhered to.

E. Caring for employees' safety and health by providing a comprehensive work environment in which safety and hygiene is upheld;

F. Attending to the minorities through encouraging employees' participation in community services.

We review Holy Stone's Corporate Social Responsibility commitment regularly in accordance to new publications and standards. We also constantly re-examine not only our impact on the community, but also the business' reach across the value chain whenever possible.

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